A Guide To Our Wired HiFi Speakers

KEF offers a comprehensive range of wired HiFi speakers that deliver exceptional sound quality and precision, making them perfect for music enthusiasts. In this guide, we explore our wired speakers, their unique advantages, factors to consider when choosing them, setup and positioning tips, as well as essential maintenance practices.

KEF Muon, Blade Two Meta & Reference  Floorstanding speakers

As the name suggests, wired HiFi speakers are connected to the audio source by a wire. This creates a stable audio connection and allows significant amounts of data to be passed from source to speaker so that you can hear your music, movies, and more in spectacular detail.

Introducing our HiFi speaker collection

KEF wired HiFi speakers

Our collection of wired HiFi speakers is a testament to our commitment to audio excellence. We offer a diverse range of speakers that cater to various audio preferences. Whether you're an audiophile, a music producer, or simply a lover of immersive sound, KEF has something for you.


Designed by Ross Lovegrove, Muon boasts a sleek aluminium shell designed to minimise sound-distorting vibrations. Experience astounding realism in your sound as Muon’s wide bandwidth reproduces the very highest and lowest sounds. With the Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE) technology doubling the available volume, the sound will reach the very furthest corners of your space.

Learn more about Muon.


With Blade, the world’s first single apparent source loudspeaker, the low, mid, and high range frequencies radiate from the same source for a beautifully cohesive soundstage. Blade’s four powerful low-frequency drivers are placed back to back, in a force-cancelling configuration, to eliminate cabinet vibrations, leaving you with only the purest sound. Plus, each pair of drivers is encased in its own chamber, limiting interference.

Find out more about Blade or read the whitepaper.

The Reference

As the name suggests, The Reference sets the standard for high-end audio. These speakers are designed for audiophiles who demand the very best.

Explore The Reference.

R Series

Using the groundbreaking technology of The Reference, R Series includes floorstanding speakers, bookshelf speakers, centre channel speakers, and accompanying home theatre models. This series is an excellent option if you're looking for speakers that combine aesthetics and performance.

Find out more on R Series Meta, or read our whitepaper.

Q Series

Q Series boasts a blend of innovation and craftsmanship, providing exceptional audio clarity. These speakers are a great choice for home audio setups.

Discover Q Series.

LS50 Meta

LS50 Meta combines innovation and compact design to deliver a remarkable listening experience. They’re a great choice for smaller spaces.
Learn more about LS50 Meta.

T Series

These slender speakers perfectly match the flatscreen TV in your home cinema system. Not only that, the sound reproduction of the T Series is strikingly accurate, especially with voice, thanks to the vented tweeter. This means you can experience each character's dialogue as though they were in the room with you.

Explore T Series.

KEF Muon, Blade Two Meta & Reference  Floorstanding speakers

How do they differ from our wireless HiFi speakers?

While wireless HiFi speakers have their own advantages, our range of wired HiFi speakers offer several distinct benefits:

What do wired HiFi speakers offer?

Sound quality: Wired speakers typically deliver higher sound quality and precision, making them the preferred choice for audiophiles and music professionals.

  • Consistency: Wired connections provide consistent audio streaming without the interference or dropouts that wireless connections may sometimes encounter.
  • Lower latency: For applications such as home theatres and gaming setups, wired speakers offer lower latency, ensuring that audio and video remain perfectly synchronised.

Sound quality without lag

Whilst the lag may only be minor on a wireless speaker, with a wired speaker, lag is minimised for exemplary sound quality.

Less compression

With a wireless connection, compressions steal data. On the other hand, a wired speaker takes in a greater amount of data, meaning you hear each tiny detail in all its sonic glory.

Greater control over your sound

With wired speakers, you have more power over the audio. By tweaking the amplifier to suit your preferences, you can customise your listening experience for a perfectly personal sound.

KEF Muon, Blade Two Meta & Reference  Floorstanding speakers

Do wired HiFi speakers require additional equipment for connectivity?

Our wired HiFi speakers are designed for ease of use. However, ensuring compatibility with your audio source and amplifier is essential. In some cases, you may need additional connectors or adapters to integrate them seamlessly into your system.

Can I integrate wired HiFi speakers into my existing audio setup?

Absolutely! Our speakers are designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of audio systems. Whether you have a dedicated home theatre, a music studio, or a simple stereo setup, our wired speakers can be seamlessly integrated to enhance your audio experience.

How do I choose the right speaker?

To find a HiFi speaker that suits your needs, there are a number of things to consider:


How much space do you have? Or alternatively, in which space do you intend to use your speakers? If it’s a large space, you’ll benefit from the power of a large floor-standing speaker like the Blade or The Reference. These majestic speakers can flood a bigger area with sublime sound without losing those intricate details. However, if you have a small space, smaller bookshelf speakers like LS50 Meta provide stunning audio for an apartment, with plenty of power to fill your room of choice with music.


What do you want to use your wired speakers for? A home cinema system? High-quality music for parties? Or luxury solo listening? For home listening alone, bookshelf speakers can create a blissful listening corner for you to take in your favourite tunes. For a home cinema system, T Series speakers are ideal for immersing you in every moment of the action. And for parties, a floor standing speaker can envelop each guest in audio for an electrifying experience


What is your speaker budget? If you’re not looking to make a large investment at the moment, our Q Series provides a more affordable option. On the other hand, if your budget allows, you can indulge your passion for sound with R Series, The Reference or Blade.

How do I match my speakers to the power output of my amplifier?

Matching your speakers with your amplifier's power output is vital to ensure optimal performance and to prevent damage. We provide specifications and guidelines for each speaker model, including the recommended amplifier power range. Ensure that your amplifier's power output falls within this range for the best results. We also recommend that you ensure your amplifier’s power output and impedance specifications are compatible with our product specifications.

KEF Muon, Blade Two Meta & Reference  Floorstanding speakers

How to set up your wired HiFi speakers

Proper speaker placement is critical for achieving the best sound quality. Here are some helpful tips on speaker placement:

  • Speakers within your room should be placed between 2 and 4m apart and the listener should be positioned equidistant from the loudspeakers.
  •  Ideally, you should place a speaker in front of a wall.
  • Symmetry is very important for optimal stereo. If possible, the side walls, to the left and the right of the loudspeakers, should be at the same distance and of the same construction.
  • Toe-in can help finetune the stereo image and the perceived high frequency energy. Maximum high frequency energy will reach the listener when the tweeters are pointing directly at the listening position. With Uni-Q, the balance does not suffer if you listen off axis, so using a flatter setup with less toe can be a very good option for a lively room.
For more information on speaker placement, read our previous generation Reference White Paper.
KEF Muon, Blade Two Meta & Reference  Floorstanding speakers

Do these speakers require any specific installation or mounting techniques?

Most of KEF's wired speakers are designed for easy setup on bookshelves, speaker stands, or floor placements. User manuals provide step-by-step installation instructions. However, wall-mounted options may require specific brackets or mounts, so be sure to follow our specific recommendations.

How do I clean my speakers?

Keeping your speakers clean is vital to keep them sounding impeccable. Dust and debris can infiltrate wire connectors, disrupting the electrical signals, adding unwanted noise, and damaging the drivers. Luckily, keeping your speakers clean is very simple.

  • Dust regularly: dust can accumulate on speaker cones and affect sound quality. Use a soft brush or microfiber cloth to remove dust gently.
  • Avoid liquid exposure: keep liquids away from your speakers to prevent damage to the drivers and electronics.
  • Check connections: periodically inspect and tighten cable connections to ensure a secure fit.

How do I maintain my speakers?

Enjoy the spectacular sound of your HiFi speakers for longer with just a few simple maintenance steps.

  • Don’t overheat your speakers - this can damage the electromagnetic voice coils. To help with this, ensure your speakers are kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid static - this can burn out the system, but can be prevented using anti-static floor mats.
  • Protect against power surges - prevent blowing your wired speakers with an Uninterruptible Power Supply and a Voltage Regulator.

Are there any precautions to take while using wired HiFi speakers to prevent damage to the cables?

To prevent cable damage and maintain audio quality, consider these precautions:

  • Avoid cable stress: ensure that cables are not kinked, pinched, or under tension, as this can affect signal transmission.
  • Secure cable pathways: use cable management solutions to secure and hide cables to prevent tripping hazards and cable damage.
  • Use high-quality cables: invest in high-quality speaker cables for optimal signal transmission and durability.

What is the warranty coverage for KEF HiFi speakers?

KEF stands behind the quality of our products and offers warranty coverage for our range of HiFi speakers. The specific warranty terms vary by model and region, so be sure to check the warranty information provided with your speaker, as well as our Warranty Policy.

KEF's wired HiFi speakers represent a commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences. With a wide range of models to suit various needs and preferences, these speakers are a testament to our dedication to audio excellence. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a professional, or simply someone who appreciates premium sound quality, KEF HiFi speakers have something extraordinary to offer.

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