How to choose the right Audio Equipment

Technology has made it possible to access more music than ever before, but it has also separated us from our enjoyment of the art of music. Along the way, we've lost our relationship with music. Like a good book or painting, a song is best enjoyed when we have a relationship with it. With all of this in mind, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before assembling your music system.

Do you listen to music for entertainment or just for background?

If you're a casual listener, you may be satisfied with a system that covers your basic needs but fair warning: Most of us start out as casual listeners and as our experience with music grows, we almost always want to improve our listening experience.

Is it possible to have a great sounding system on a budget?

You should spend exactly what you can afford and nothing less. Time spent with music is worth it. If you get an emotional connection to the music you are listening to, then your system is just fine, but here’s the rub: The higher the quality, the greater the emotional rush. Truly, ‘okay’ is only temporary, that’s why music is a journey. "I only listen to one kind of music, and it sounds okay to me in my car or on my computer." You think it sounds good because it's what you're used to but once you hear music on a better system you’ll never be satisfied with ‘okay’ again.

How much should I spend on each component?

This is where a qualified and experience audio dealer you trust can be a great help. If you spend $1000 on a receiver and $200 on a pair of speakers, no matter how you slice it, you just purchased a $200 stereo system for $1200. Better to take that $1200 and split it wisely. Because of the finish and material involved, quality speakers will generally cost more than a well-matched quality amp.

What is the most important component in a system?

An audio system is like a chain that is only as good as its weakest link. Bad speakers with a great amp will sound...bad, and a bad amp with great speakers will also sound bad. Match your components as best as you can.

Is a surround system necessary?

If you want to get the most from your movies and television programs the answer is 'yes,' however, two speakers (2.0) or two speakers and a subwoofer can also provide an extremely enjoyable experience. A simple two-channel setup, like our LSX Music System, can improve your television viewing experience. On the other hand, a quality 5.1 receiver  (two fronts, a center and two rear speakers) can be had at a very economical price.

Is a subwoofer necessary?

If you like extended and prominent bass, then probably yes. Movies are better with a sub because the soundtracks are mixed with subwoofers in mind, but music (even hip-hop and electronica) can be very enjoyable with the right speakers and no sub.

With multiple playback formats and many audio gimmicks and cheap imitations readily available it's difficult to confidently make a wise choice when it comes to assembling a music or home theater system. But you can still pick out a good component system and a couple of speakers and go home and just be thrilled by the music you are listening to with just a few common sense steps. Or you can save yourself a lot of time and money get and buy LS50 Wireless II system because our engineers have already done the work for you.

Rediscover your relationship with music with quality components that are worthy of your time.

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