How to Improve your Gaming Experience?

Immersive open-world gaming experiences can truly draw you in - the ASMR sounds that are so satisfying, the unsolved mysteries in your hands alone, and the world of fantasy that can enthral you for hours upon hours.  Getting lost in action and adventure is what makes gaming worthwhile. 

It’s no secret that gamers are always on the hunt for new equipment and ways to improve their setup. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips on how to improve your gaming experience, from making sure you have the right chair to installing a top-tier sound system.

The Right Support

First things first – you need to be comfortable to get in the zone. Finding the right chair with adequate lumbar support is so important. When comfortable, your senses will heighten, and you will be able to enjoy a surreal gaming experience. You will react quicker with improved visuals and audio, meaning more success by the end of your gaming session!

​​​​​​​We would suggest investing into a good quality chair that gives you both comfort and good posture with unrestricted movement whilst you get lost in gaming.

The Network Speed

These days, most gamers play online, and network speed is therefore essential for your game performance. 

Slow connection and a fuzzy screen whilst the game buffers can ruin the fun and negatively impact your gaming experience. It not only affects you, the gamer, but also the equipment, especially if using wireless speakers which work best when the network speed is high. 

We would suggest investing in a gaming router. This prevents network lag whilst gaming.

Top Tier Sound Quality

Sound quality is possibly the most important factor to enhance your gaming experience. You want to feel as if you are in the game — a world of fantasy, danger and thrill! This calls for ensuring you have the best audio set-up. Whether you’re gaming on a PC or a console such as Playstation or Xbox, you need good quality speakers to get the most out of your session. It’s amazing how a surround system can create a more immersive experience for players, and KEF provides a surround sound system like no other.

These gaming tips go a long way in bringing your gaming experience to life. With KEF, you’ll step into a whole new world of gaming. You’ll never go back to how you used to play. Visit one of our stores to immerse yourself in music as it was made to be heard. 

Learn more about KEF’s excellent sound systems, from the best gaming speakers for your pc or console to an immersive surround sound system.

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