Introducing the definitive high-fidelity experience: the KEF LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition

Following the success of the KEF in-car audio system for Lotus these two iconic British brands are teaming up again to introduce an impressive collection of KEF x Lotus products for the home. The first instalment is the LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition, a ground-breaking floor standing system that pushes the boundaries of technological innovation for emotionally enchanting audio.

With a shared obsession for creating exhilarating experiences and a long history of engineering excellence and design revolution, the KEF and Lotus journey began with the introduction of exceptionally natural and pristine sound within the Lotus Emira sportscar and Lotus Eletre Hyper-SUV. The next step in this exciting venture, which has always centred on enriching the future of lifestyle, is to create the ultimate all-in-one Hi-Fi speaker system for the home. From this intention, the LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition was born; a versatile speaker that seamlessly combines the latest technologies with excellent sound, inspired by Lotus heritage colour - British Racing Green.

With an ultra-slim and contemporary design combined with a classically sleek finish, the LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition fits effortlessly into a wide range of living spaces. It takes ‘track spirit’ to an entirely new dimension.

At KEF we have always been in pursuit of audio perfection and have a passion for sharing the magic of great sound, and we believe that for our customers it isn’t only about producing the perfect sound it is also about the lifestyle and experience that goes with it. With this in mind, we are continually innovating and making breakthroughs in design to produce first-class products which deliver the very best experiences – a vision and philosophy which KEF and Lotus both share. Together, we have been working closely to deepen our partnership, which has previously seen two British iconic brands collaborate to create an extraordinary in-car audio experience for Lotus users, and now will be extended from cars into homes with a series of co-branded KEF x Lotus home audio products, starting with the LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition - a new milestone in our enduring partnership.”

- says Grace Lo, President and Head of Global Marketing at KEF

With the success of KEF audio in the Emira sports car, and the prospect of further success in the Eletre Hyper-SUV, we have extended our collaboration into the world of home audio with the launch of the LS60 Wireless speaker. It is designed to vividly embody the streamlined style of the sports car; the colour is inspired by the historic Lotus colour palette. This hugely exciting collaboration signifies a new chapter in engineering and design between two iconic British brands. Lotus and KEF are sharing their passion for performance to deliver an exceptional product. Throughout Lotus’ 75-year history, we have always promised our customers aspirational experiences. This partnership continues to deliver on that promise by providing outstanding engineering, class-leading performance, and design innovation with the future of lifestyle in mind.”

- says Yingjia Yao, Vice President of Group Lotus and Global Head of Lotus Life

The KEF LS60 Wireless Floorstanding System

Launched as part of KEF’s 60th anniversary year, the LS60 Wireless is the world’s first Single Apparent Source wireless system, and it is supported by a specially designed 12th Generation Uni-Q driver array, the award-winning Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT™), revolutionary Uni-Core bass drivers and much more. This exclusive configuration provides a purer and more impactful sound, vanishingly low distortion, and maximises bass performance in a single unit.

KEF’s key technologies are complemented by the forward-thinking W2 wireless platform and a wide range of wired inputs. Out-of-the-box wireless compatibility and the KEF Connect app allow listeners to stream music and podcasts instantly, while the various connection options allow quick connection directly to a turntable, games console or TV.

The LS60 Wireless’ extremely slim design is only possible because of the advanced technologies contained within the sleek cabinet. The LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition is an exceptionally elegant speaker system that delivers style and substance.

Whether you’re enjoying your favourite album from behind the wheel or your living room, the KEF x Lotus collection will set hearts racing with breathtakingly exciting audio moments.

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