T305 Home Theatre Speaker System

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Slim proflie full-sized 5.1 Home Theatre System

Uncompromised home theatre sound without bulky boxes. T305 system with T301s all round and a T-2 subwoofer is ready for anything.

"The ultimate T Series system has the best of everything: Four T301 front and rear channels with a T301 centre channel, and a T-2 subwoofer with 250W Class D amplifier and 250mm (10in.) bass driver.


The Details



For the full cinema-like experience, the ultimate T305 Home Theatre Speaker System has the best of everything: T301 Satellite Speaker and T301c Centre Channel Speaker all round, supported by the same discreet high performance T2 Subwoofer.

KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE. * Measurement per unit

Awards and Reviews

EXC!TE Award - Red dot

"The T Series speakers have a depth of merely 35 mm, enclosing an ultra-slim high performance driver. Picking up the trend of TVs coming onto the market with increasingly slim designs, their svelte silhouette and elegant appearance result in a harmonious overall picture when placed next to a flat-screen TV whilst retaining high fidelity sound quality. Thanks to their technical features, the speakers produce a three-dimensional sound field that perfectly underlines the events on screen." — 2010

Highly Recommended Award - AV Forums

'"..they are very consistent in their even handed presentation and have a remarkable dynamic capability. That makes them an easy listen, with movies or music, at all volume levels." — 2011

'Gold' Award, Speaker of the Year - 2011 CEA TechHome Mark of Excellence Award

CES 2011 Innovations Honoree - CES 2011

Sélection Cinéma chez Soi - CINEMA CHEZ SOI

EXC!TE Award - CustomRetailer

Home Theater Products of the Year - About.com

Multichannel Speakers of the Year over $2000 - Sound + Image

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