KEF Reveals The LS50 Collection: The First Speakers To Feature Metamaterial Absorption Technology

KEF is proud to launch the LS50 Collection comprising of the LS50 Meta Bookshelf Speaker and the LS50 Wireless II Wireless HIFi speaker. Both speakers are an innovative evolution from previous iterations. KEF has set the bar high but, after three years of intensive research, the latest LS50 Collection speakers have raised the benchmark even further by delivering an unprecedented purity of sound coupled with intuitive usability.

They are the world’s first loudspeakers to use the revolutionary Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT)

Recognised as a modern icon of design, the LS50 Collection has been remastered to incorporate this ground-breaking technology and deliver impressively natural sound.

Listen and believe

Book a demonstration at our KEF Music Gallery and get your first hand experience on this revolutionary new speakers.

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