Ross Lovegrove Collection

Sound by KEF. Design by Ross Lovegrove.

Renowned for his visionary designs and sculptural forms, Ross Lovegrove embraces both beauty and technological ingenuity in his work. Through an ongoing collaboration with KEF, true innovation and engineering excellence combine to bring a new dimension to sound.

A journey in sound and design

KEF and Ross Lovegrove have been working together since 2005 to push the limits of audio and industrial design. Bringing Lovegrove’s holistic and highly creative approach together with KEF’s commitment to perfect sound, the resulting designs combine organic principles and intuitive, sculptural forms with the pinnacle of engineering excellence.

Muon, Muo, Mu

Standing 2m high, in polished aluminium, Muon was Lovegrove’s first project for KEF in 2007, as sharply honed practically as it is visually striking. Seven years later the Muo inherited the Muon’s sculptural curves. Finally, the Mu headphones in 2021 distilled KEF’s uncompromising sound in an even smaller form.


HiFi Speakers



Wireless Headphones



Wireless Earphones


Design by Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove is much more than a designer – rather, he is a visionary informed as much by technology, sculpture and art as by the logic and beauty of nature. His intelligent, organic forms have been influential in leading a new aesthetic expression across everything from cameras to cars to trains, aviation and architecture.
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