KEF Music Gallery Flagship Opens in London

KEF Music Gallery London is the newest and latest addition to a series of KEF Experience Locations globally, including KEF Music Gallery, KEF Music Studio, and KEF Music Lounge, where KEF’s motto ‘Listen and believe’ is brought to life. Open from 8th June, KEF Music Gallery London marks a significant milestone for KEF and its six-decade-long obsession with the power of high-fidelity audio. Located in the heart of central London, this one-of-a-kind brand experience destination will be a centre for discovery, exploration and immersion, from life enhancing music and film to new artists and musicians, inspiring events, and innovative and pioneering KEF products. By collaborating with partners and a dynamic community of creators, KEF Music Gallery London will transform the experience of sound from the ordinary to the visceral.

Spread over two floors and 5,000 square feet, KEF Music Gallery London offers a high-fidelity soundstage that cannot be matched in the capital. The space brings together KEF’s long-standing commitment to technology, performance and design by providing guests with an exclusive and engaging entry into the KEF brand. Guests will have access to a selection of versatile experiential zones and facilities where they will be encouraged to listen with intent and begin their own listen and believe journeys.

Unparalleled Immersion

KEF Music Gallery London is the new global flagship, joining similar high-profile experiential spaces: KEF Music Gallery Hong Kong and KEF Music Gallery Tokyo, which opened in December 2023.

KEF Music Gallery London is our third and most ambitious flagship destination to date and illustrates our commitment to sharing the magic of great sound with consumers globally, and to provide our partners with a collaborative platform through which we can together deliver KEF’s unique immersive high-fidelity experiences to a wider audience.”

- Grace Lo, KEF’s President and Head of Global Marketing.

KEF Music Gallery London is a home away from home for audiophiles, music and film lovers, creators, and makers. It’s a place where they can relax, discover, and engage with unparalleled soundscapes and design. KEF Music Gallery London reflects the brand’s long-standing commitment to great design. The space is designed by renowned British architecture and interior design studio Conran and Partners. It celebrates KEF’s uniqueness and personality through exceptional, thoughtful design featuring quality materials and finishes. With an industrial yet refined palette of stainless steel, concrete, and light and dark oak, the overall interiors exude a raw yet inviting ambience. A contemporary environment with a residential feel, KEF Music Gallery London is an inviting alternative to traditional audio showrooms. 

The Exploratory Spaces

The Gallery

Situated on the ground floor, The Gallery is an urban oasis and home to London’s ultimate high-fidelity café, KEFé. A destination for music and coffee enthusiasts to listen and enjoy an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary music genres.  

In the evening, The Gallery will transform into a space for immersive music events. Designed to be configured for multiple applications, The Gallery allows visitors to trial the latest KEF products and be the first to hear about the brand’s upcoming events and experiences. The Gallery will be known for its imaginative year-round programme of collaborative activations, film screenings, exclusive live and recorded music sessions, talks and interactive experiences.

The Studio

An intimate space adjacent to The Gallery, The Studio is available for musicians, artists, and collaborators to create and enjoy outstanding audio. Equipped with state-of-the-art acoustics specially engineered to minimise background noise, the room is fully equipped to be used as a podcasting studio, recording space, or intimate listening room. A multi-purpose area, The Studio is designed as a nod to the anechoic chamber at KEF’s R&D centre in Maidstone.

KEF Muon, Blade Two Meta & Reference  Floorstanding speakers

The Immersion Spaces

The Hub

Designed as a collaborative space for welcoming guests and hosting workshops, the focal point of The Hub is a 4-metre-long table designed and built by British fine furniture maker Sebastian Cox from a single piece of Kentish Oak. The Hub features KEF’s architectural in-ceiling speaker installation, allowing guests to listen to the core architectural speaker ranges, plus dedicated conferencing mics to provide an acoustic platform for this kind of space like no other.

The Living Room

Designed as a contemporary ‘residential’ space, The Living Room is an inviting setting to experience outstanding soundscapes. It demonstrates how immersive KEF’s integrated and stand-alone sound systems can be and how great sound can surprise and delight in a home environment.

KEF Muon, Blade Two Meta & Reference  Floorstanding speakers

The Ultimate Experience Room

The Ultimate Experience Room is an exceptional space in which to listen and believe in the epic power of fully immersive audio. From the revered KEF MUON speakers and a Dolby Atmos enabled screening experience featuring KEF Extreme Home Theatre Ci-Reference in-wall speakers and KEF subwoofers, this space cannot fail to inspire acoustically. It’s a sound escape in the heart of the city.

KEF Muon, Blade Two Meta & Reference  Floorstanding speakers

KEF Music Gallery London is located at 42-48 Great Portland Street, London, UK. For more information about KEF or KEF Music Gallery London, please visit

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