Why You Should Buy From KEF Authorised Retailers

An authorised retailer is an individual, business, or legal entity that has been officially appointed by a manufacturer to sell any products or services directly to consumers. Compared to other channels, buying from authorised retailers is always a smart move as they are able to offer hassle-free end-to-end selling services to customers, including issuing official warranties and providing after-sales support on behalf of the manufacturer.

Customer interest and security are always KEF's top priorities. To avoid any unwanted troubles, it's always ideal to buy KEF products from our official website. Alternatively, for customers who prefer to experience the product before purchasing, we recommend completing your purchase at any of KEF's authorised retailers. Here's why:

Price Transparency & Quality Assurance
Complete Customer Service
International Product Warranty
Exclusive Perks

Price Transparency & Quality Assurance

The importance of buying from KEF authorised retailers can’t be stressed enough. Authorised retailers have a more direct relationship with our brand, and we're able to ensure the quality and pricing of the goods they sell. That means you won't run the risk of being sold substandard products and services.

Complete Customer Service 

Customers can book a demo of any product model and experience it in any KEF authorised retailer. Retail representatives who are well trained with professional product knowledge are always ready to help you choose the products that best fit your preferences. And most importantly, they'll explain how to use and care for your products so you can enjoy the best listening experience. 

International Product Warranty 

All KEF Products are precision engineered, and our authorised retailers provide warranty against faulty material and/or workmanship for our entire product range from the date of original purchase. KEF Limited International Warranty Coverage applies to the first purchaser of the KEF product(s) from an Authorised Dealer with terms and conditions applying. Click here to learn more about our Warranty Policy.

Exclusive Perks

Last but not least, our authorised retailers will help ensure that you're all set up for life with KEF. They can guide you through the product registration process, as well as our newsletter subscription so that you're the first to know about any latest updates, exclusive privileges and new product launches. 

Find a Retailer

Find out more about these award-winning models and book a demo with your nearest KEF retailer.

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