LS Wireless Collection

LS Wireless Collection

LS Wireless Collection

The sound of the future

Whether it’s a TV show or a movie, games or music – the quality of sound will make or break your experience. At KEF, we believe maximum enjoyment in entertainment comes with full immersion, which means the highest possible quality audio, every time. We want to bring high-fidelity sound - the best quality sound in its truest form – to the home of everyone who cares.

With over 60 years of acoustic expertise, our unique use of 'performance design’ and user-centric approach, KEF is well placed to do just this. The LS Wireless Collection is a series of all-in-one high-fidelity music systems developed to transform your entertainment experience by delivering the power of high-fidelity sound as streamed from any source and connect to any home audio device.

In pursuit of the perfect sound

What exactly is ‘High-fidelity’? It is the reproduction of sound with high standards of clarity and detail – which sounds simple, but it often isn’t. KEF has always been obsessed with bringing you a high-fidelity sound experience, and over six decades we have led numerous technological breakthroughs in the creation of state-of-the-art audio products.

As the first ‘LS’ speaker was the legendary LS3/5a, designed in collaboration with the BBC from the 1970s, to celebrate our 50th anniversary, KEF created the LS50 to bring the professional studio speaker into people’s homes. To reflect changes in both time and technology, we then introduced our first wireless speaker system, the LS50 Wireless, bringing high-fidelity sound into the digital age.

Immersion engines

KEF’s engineers and designers have always been looking and listening ahead. The LS Wireless Collection is the sound of the future, bringing breakthrough technology including Uni-Q, Uni-Core, Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) and Music Integrity Engine (MIE), into the home in a series of all-in-one, plug and play speaker systems. Each of the four models – LS60 Wireless, LS50 Wireless IILSX II and LSX II LT – are specially developed to deliver room-filling, immersive sound experience for music, TV, movies and gaming. Stream High-Fidelity sound in its truest form, from any source, every time.

Play anything. Hear everything.

Today we can listen to what we like, where we like, and we expect to do so without complicated setups and installations. The advanced W2 wireless platform together with MIE used in the LS Wireless Collection ensures that no matter how you most enjoy listening to music or watching movies, you can do so with the depth and realism of high-fidelity stereo sound quality

Plug and play in high-fidelity

Join it all up and you will get a wonderful feeling and the perfect sound – playable across all your devices. With the LS Wireless Collection, you can connect to your TV, laptop, turntable and many other devices easily while experiencing high-fidelity sound quality. For those who want extra bass, there’s a dedicated output to connect a KEF subwoofer.

Music in every room

There’s no good reason why the best music in your house should be restricted to a single room. Bring the KEF high-fidelity sound into every space of your home by connecting the different models of the LS Wireless Collection. With Airplay 2, Chromecast or Roon, it’s easy to fill the entire house with the same music allowing everyone to enjoy the same playlist.

Listen and believe

The best way to experience the brilliance of LS Wireless Collection is up close and personal. We are certain you won’t regret the experience.
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