Music Meets Soccer: KEF Korea Partners With FC Seoul

We are delighted to announce our partnership with GS Sports Pro Football Club FC Seoul.

With a contract officially signed by FC Seoul President Yeonjoo Yoo and KEF Asia General Manager Lawrence Chu, this partnership will run for the duration of the 2024 season.

What happens when the magic of the soccer field meets music that tugs at the heartstrings? KEF Korea has partnered with FC Seoul, marking the beginning of what is sure to be a captivating journey.

In February this year, Jesse Lingard of the English Premier League joined FC Seoul, kicking the year off with a promising start. Adding to this collaboration between the football club and KEF, fans are in for an exhilarating adventure over the next 10 months.

More Than Just Soccer And Music

Both KEF and FC Seoul epitomise unyielding spirits and share a relentless passion for growth. The football club, since its inception in 1983, has demonstrated approaches very similar to KEF’s throughout its history.

Both music and sports have the power to take their audiences on remarkable journeys. Each equally immerses its followers in the moment and takes them on an emotional adventure from start to finish. These unforgettable moments foster deep connections between fans and performers, or players and spectators. Beyond just entertainment, both sport and music offer profound experiences and share an ability to unite audiences and enrich lives.

Music stirs the soul, and sport offers thrilling moments and captivating stories. Together, they both foster an innate sense of joy, and this partnership between KEF and FC Seoul is set to be reflective of this.

What Can Fans Expect?

Throughout this sponsorship, KEF’s branding will be showcased on FC Seoul’s official uniforms. In addition to this, each month, the brand will honour one exceptional player as the “KEF Player of the Month”. March 2024 saw Ki Sung-Yeung take home the title.

KEF and FC Seoul also have several other campaigns and initiatives planned, details of which can be found on the KEF Korea website and Instagram profile.

KEF Korea pledges its full support for FC Seoul’s development of its sporting prowess and aims to contribute to the enrichment of the sport throughout South Korea.  The formal contract between the brand and the football club officially commenced with a signing ceremony on 20 April.

Bring The Thrill Of The Stadium Home

KEF can take you straight to the heart of a stadium football game without you needing to leave the comfort of your home. With accurate, immersive sound, you’ll feel like you’re right there, watching the game live, whether alone or with friends and family.

LS50 Wireless II

LS50 Wireless II는 고성능 라우드 스피커 그 이상입니다. AirPlay 2, Chromecast 등의 무선 호환성과 TV, 게임 콘솔 및 턴테이블을위한 유선 연결 덕분에 모든 소스에서 스트리밍되는 완벽한 올인원 스피커 시스템입니다.


최신형 버전으로 설계된 LSX II LT는 LSX II와 동일한 몰입감을 주는 하이파이 사운드 및 핵심 기술을 여러분의 구미에 맞는 가격으로 제공합니다. KEF의 Music Integrity Engine과 시그니처 Uni-Q 드라이버 어레이로 구동되는 이 소형 무선 HiFi 스피커 시스템은 비교할 수 없는 사운드 선명도를 제공합니다.

KC 62

KC62는 놀라울 정도로 작은 크기의 서브우퍼로 몰입감 높은 음악이나 영화 감상, 게이밍을 위한 깊고도 명료한 베이스의 마력을 전달합니다. Uni-Core® 기술을 포함한 혁신적인 KEF 기술을 적용한 축구공 정도 크기의 KC62는 맞춤 제작한 1000W RMS Class D 출력의 6.5인치 포스 캔슬링(force cancelling) 드라이브 유닛 두 개를 갖추고 있습니다.

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